Friday, 26 October 2012

A Detour...

I'm thinking about creating humourous photo-comics using Mego and Mego-style action figures in the Twisted Toyfare Theatre style.  These will be "Star Trek" stories, spoofing rather than cruel jokes.

While the Mego figures are, let's be honest, bad, the Next Generation figures being produced by EMCE are really quite nice.  Here is Picard in his later TV uniform.  No phaser and they missed off the collar studs denoting his rank, but he's a good little figure, much better than the 9" Playmates version.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Invasion of the Mechanoids

This was my best Dalek comic, but the sequel was never completed.  I didn't feel there was enough interest.  Please enjoy "Invasion of the Mechanoids"...

I will post the pages I did from the sequel soon.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Red Moon Detective Agency

My time as part of the "Spaceship Away" team was brief and, for reasons which I won't go into, rather upsetting - let's just say that the then-editor (I have no idea if they have changed their staff) was not at all supportive of me in the face of harsh and unfounded criticism.
Anyway, it was over.  My Cream and Callisto had their day in the sun, and they got burnt!  The story was totally different from "Prey" in terms of pacing and content... it was meant to be viewed by all ages and had to fit within the boundaries of good taste.  However, one man's good taste is an old fogie's soft porn... there was no nudity, profanity or even suggestive humour... just girls in shorts.
Oh well, no accounting for taste.

Time passed, and an artist I became good friends with, John Ridgway, suggested that things at Spaceship Away were going to change, so I asked if he would contact me if things panned out.  Well, things were indeed becoming positive so I suggested maybe my new comic could fit in it, and John was keen to include it.
However, the SA editor/owner threw spanners into the works and the plan died there and then.

I had completed a chapter and a bit of "Red Moon Detective Agency" before it all went wrong, and didn't have the heart to see it through to the end.

Please enjoy the pages that I did complete: "Red Moon Detective Agency".

I HAD been planning a new comic with an American writer, but for various reasons beyond my control it never happened.  I had created character and mecha models, designed a range of uniforms and completed test renders... all for nothing.
I'm reluctant to do it again... the time spent on even a single page makes it heart-breaking when the project collapses or the initial interest dies away.

In my next series of blogs I will start reprinting my Dalek comics, based on the creatures as they appeared on the back pages of "TV Century 21" in the 60s rather than their TV counterparts.
Several stories were actually completed before I ran out of steam with the fourth one.  I tried several times to start new ones, but there just wasn't enough feedback from readers (positive or negative) to encourage me to continue.

So, next time I will give you "The Daleks"!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Space Girls: Prey... Part 1 (b) (NUDITY)

After introducing young Blancmange, Queen of Evil it was back to Cream and Callisto.
This second half contained a LOT of nudity, so please be advised.

By this time I was starting to get into it, but I became distracted and the story was never finished.  I started chapter 2, but only managed to do two pages before I realised the muse had left me.  Again, more nudity.

Nearly a year later I decided that it was time to get back into my original comics.  I had been doing Dalek comics on and off, but they too became stagnant.  I will present them here too.
However, I was becoming excited at the prospect of once again getting into print (my previous stint within the pages of "Spaceship Away" being a somewhat less-than-happy experience) and put everything into a new story... "Red Moon Detective Agency"...

Monday, 15 August 2011

Space Girls: Prey... Part 1 (a)

After the prologue I really started to get into the comic properly.  Here is the first half of Chapter 1 of "Prey"...

This was where I introduced Cream's psychotic younger sister, Blancmange... whereas Cream and Callisto are basically thieves and robbers, Blancmange is actually insane!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Space Girls: Prey... Prologue

This was the first full blown attempt at a CGI Space Girls story.  "Annoyed" had been a reworking of one of my existing comics.  This new one was designed to be CGI from the start.

I present this prologue here.  Please be aware that it includes nudity as it was never intended as a kids comic.

Part 1 to follow...

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Space Girls: Annoyed

Back in 1992 I created a pair of naughty space girls called Cream and Callisto for a dojinshi that a friend and I started.  I learned a lot on that comic, and looking back at it, I needed it!
The comic is dead now, but here is a complete story from the final appearance of the original "Space Girls"

Then, around four years ago, armed with a PC and some exciting modelling and rendering software I would resurrect Cream and Callisto.  It is almost a direct copy of the original pen version, but with 3D models and better designed characters.  While this is far from perfect it did allow me to experiment and begin to understand what I was trying to do.
After completing this I cut my teeth on Dalek comics and then finally back to Cream and Callisto.
This is the CGI version of the above comic.

Over the coming days, weeks and months I will be uploading all of the comic pages I have so far completed, starting with more "Space Girls"...